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So you work in a school.  Doesn't matter if it's private or public.​  The recent news is making everyone upset and a bit on edge.

Say the unthinkable happens, and you find yourself in the midst of a school shooting.......

What if, some how, you found a pistol at your feet.....

- Would you know how to turn the safety on or off?

-  Would you know what to do?  How would you even pick it up?

-  Do you know how to tell if it's loaded?  

-  How to check how many rounds of ammunition you have?

Would you know what to do?  

-  Do you know how to tell if a gun is jammed and can't shoot?  What sounds will you hear?

-  Do you know how to tell if someone runs out of ammunition?  What will the gun look like and what sounds will you hear?

-  What, realistically, can a gun do and what can it simply not do?

Maybe you're someone who wants to be able to stand up and fight back, to protect your students and yourself.  This can be your first step.

Maybe you're someone who just doesn't like firearms and can never see yourself even touching one.

Whichever camp you fall into, wouldn't it at least be a good thing to educate yourself?  Afterall, being an educator you realize the value and worth of an education.

Whatley Training is deeply concerned about student and faculty safety at all of our nation's schools.

That's why we're offering our NRA Basic Pistol Class to school faculty for only $25.

Learn the answers to all of the questions above and more.  You don't have to do the live fire part of the class if you don't want (but you probably will).

You're an educator.  You understand the value of knowledge.

Knowledge = Power.

Become more powerful by educating yourself about firearms.

Go to our "Classes / Sign up!" page and scroll down towards the bottom.  

Use coupon code "Teach2018" to save $125  and pay only $25 for the class.

Proof of employment at a school will be required the day of the class.  A paystub or valid photo ID will work.

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