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NRA Certified Basic Pistol, Basic Shotgun and Home Firearm Safety

"Firearm Training for the Good Guys and Gals!"

​​Whatley Training LLC

​Experience really does matter! And for good reason!!

 For the attentive gun owner, the words "firearm" and "safety" go hand in hand. However, not every gun owner enters into gun ownership with that same understanding. A firearm training course not only ensures you begin gun ownership with full legality, but it will foster a conscientious attitude towards gun ownership in general.

 As a firearms owner, you now become someone's idea of what a firearm owner is. Make a good impression and be safe.

  Learn Safety:
  1. How to be safe around firearms. 
  2. The "3 Always" involving firearms safety. 
  3. How to safely handle a firearm. 
  4. How to tell if a firearm is loaded or not.
  5. How to load and unload your firearm.
  6. How to safely store your firearm.
  7. How to safely and lawfully travel with your firearm.
  8. Shooting range etiquette and safety.
  9. Massachusetts laws pertaining to firearms, ammunition and storage.

   Learn about pistols - which one is right for you: There are A LOT of choices when it comes to buying a handgun.
  Which one is right for you?  Which one feels the best to shoot?  Which ones aren't fun to shoot?  Is bigger always
  better?  Do you want a heavy one or a light one (the answer may surprise you!)?  Will you just target shooting or

..are you interested in personal defense?

  Learn about your ammunition:  There are all different kinds of ammunition.  There is target shooting ammunition,
​  hunting ammunition and personal defense ammunition.  Learn the differences.

  Conforming to state and federal regulations:  Taking a firearm training course before entering into gun ownership

  isn't just a good idea - it just makes sense.  Would you buy a car without knowing how to drive it or the laws of the


  Shooting is more than just pointing the firearm and pulling the trigger:  An often overlooked aspect of shooting
  is how to effectively shoot the firearm.  What fun is shooting if you never hit your target?  Learn the solid and time
​  proven ways to hit your targets repeatedly.  Develop the right habits from the start by attending one of our classes.


Kirk Whatley

Kirk has personally trained hundreds of

students in firearm safety.  

He has over 40 years of firearms experience and is an

experienced instructor, hunter, shooter and avid

Second Amendment supporter.

He has over 30 years of presentation experience -

from one-on-one training to presenting to groups in the

many hundreds.  His lively, interactive, hands-on 

and engaging teaching style adds to the training experience.

Kirk lives in Hadley

Past Master of Pacific Lodge and Jerusalem Lodge of Masons

Past Hadley Town Moderator for 9 years