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​​​Whatley Training LLC

Would you take a Driver's Ed class if they never let you drive a car?

Too many NRA Basic Pistol classes never even let you fire a firearm.  And others may only let you shoot 3 or 5 rounds.  

What good is that?

At Whatley Training LLC's Basic Pistol Class you'll have the opportunity to fire a total of 100 or more rounds from a variety pistols.  You'll  have the opportunity to shoot both revolvers and semi-automatics.  You'll shoot the most popular target caliber of all time, the .22 long rifle, along with .380, 9mm, .38 caliber, .45ACP and others.

Safety will always be Job #1 also.

Look, you're taking an Basic Pistol Class to either apply for your MA License To Carry (LTC) or just to learn more about pistols because someone in your life owns them and you want to be safe around them, right?

If you're going for your LTC, why not fire both revolvers and semi-automatics and a variety of calibers to learn what works for you.  

If you just want to know how to be safe around pistols, we can help you with that and help you overcome any fears of shooting them, too. 

We're here to get you experience and help make you comfortable!

...Basic Pistol Class $150

  Safety, safety, safety. Safety is job #1.
Learn how to be around pistols and handle pistols in a safe way and create a safe environment.
Never even held a pistol /​​ handgun before?  We make it easy and comfortable to learn the basics.
By the end of the training you'll be loading your pistol, firing it and reloading it all on your own.
Concerned with the "big bang" and "big recoil" seen in the movies? We use all kinds different sizes
.... ....and calibers of pistols including the .22 which has no "big bang" and just about no recoil.
For more experienced or adventurous students, we have larger caliber pistols available to shoot also.
We'll teach you:
.....- the difference between a revolver and a semi-automatic.
.....- the difference between single action and double action.
.....- the different kinds of ammunition and what each kind is typically used for.
.....- how pistols and revolvers actually work.
......- how modern pistols have changed to increase safety.
​​.....- the laws for owning and traveling with a pistol.

Must be 20 or older to attend the class.

Maximum class size: 5

  Home Firearm Safety $125

This is the class to take for your MA FID (Firearms Identification Card).
This is a non-shooting class.
The material covered will include everything in the Basic Pistol class, but with more emphasis placed on storage ..........- and with no "live fire" exercises.

Must be 16 years old or older to attend (15 years old with written permission from parent).

Maximum class size:  25

...Concealed Carry Basics $60
...This is the class to take to learn about how best to concealed carry and about federal and MA State laws, including where you can carry, where you can't and transportation of your pistol.

...This class has many of the holsters that you can choose from to concealed carry and we will discuss the pro's and con's of each.

...Know the laws before you go out carrying your pistol concealed!

This is a non-firing class.

There is no maximum class size.